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Hd Moods Aquarium 2 Blu-ray
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Brand: : TOPICS Entertainment
Type: : DVD
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Product Description
HD MOODS Aquarium 2.0 (Blu-ray)

Product Information
This program provides vivid footage of a peaceful aquarium full of clean water, colorful coral, and languid,
beautiful fish, all rendered in 3D, and in high definition so that HDTV and Blu-ray owners can take full advantage
of the technology 24 hours a day. Viewers have six different aquatic settings to choose from.

Product Identifiers
UPC	0781735605639

Product Key Features
Format	Blu-ray Disc
Genre	Education/General Interest, Educational
Rating	NR
Edition	3D

Additional Product Features
Film Country	USA
Release Date	20110607
Display Format	3d
Sub-Genre	Nature/Wildlife
Number of Discs	1

It’s a living underwater environment you can virtually reach out and touch. Six spectacular tanks were designed and
filled with more than 200 colorful species of sea life, including clown fish, anemones, live coral, crabs, and
seahorses so tiny they can fit on the face of a dime.
Disk Count: 1
Video Format: 3D
Run Time: Approx. 70 minutes
Filmed using RED One cameras and DepthQ Stereoscopic 3D equipment, 3D Aquarium’s ultra-sharp imagery and
spectacular 3D was specifically mastered for home 3D-equipped televisions resulting in a cinema-quality

Six unique chapters bring the underwater world to life: The Living Reef Tank, The Reef Close Up, The Kid’s Tank,
Anemone and Clown, There be Lions Here, and Nano Tank. The tanks were designed like movie sets with fish flown in
specifically for filming! Watch the colorful and exotic variety of fish swim around your room, including sailfin
tang, lion fish, clown triggers, puffer fish, teeny kelloggi seahorses, baby angel fish and many more!

Choose from three audio options for each chapter, and decide between two video options: 2D or 3D. Or turn on
continual looping playback mode to set a relaxing scene in your home!

Product Features:

6 unique chapters: The Living Reef Tank, The Reef Close Up, The Kid’s Tank, Anemone and Clown, There be Lions Here,
Nano Tank
Colorful and exotic variety of fish: sailfin tang, lion fish, clown trigger, puffer fish, kelloggi seahorses, baby
angel fish and more
Tanks designed like movie sets
Fish specifically flown in for filming
3 audio options for each chapter
3D with the option of playing in 2D
Continual looping playback mode

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