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Drug Wars Dvd
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Product Information
This gritty, grueling documentary travels "inside" of the drug trade of Latin America - specifically Mexico and
Colombia - for a firsthand look at cocaine buying and selling on the black market, and the explosive violence that
this often triggers. It hones in on a courageous journalist who ventures through the deadly Mexican city of Ciudad
Juárez, where he photographs some of the most gruesome drug-related homicides in memory. The film then ventures to
the frontlines of Colombian crime for a glimpse of drug lords doing whatever it takes to smuggle illicit, highly
addictive Benzoylmethyl Ecgonine beyond the country's borders.

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UPC	0781735605318
eBay Product ID (ePID)	98853001

Product Key Features
Format	DVD
Genre	Education/General Interest, Educational
Sub-Genre	Crime/Investigation
Rating	NR

Additional Product Features
Film Country	USA
Release Date	20110201
Number of Discs	1
Step into a dangerous world teeming with corrupt cops, cold-blooded killers, brazen drug-traffickers and guerilla
fighters in Drug Wars.
Disk Count: 1
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 1 hour 45 Minutes
What is being done to stop them? What can be done? Head to Colombia and Mexico for a chilling inside look at the
war on drugs.

War on Cocaine
Head to Colombia, the frontline in the War on Cocaine. Despite the billions of dollars poured into the war on drugs
there, the government hasn’t been able to stop the producers who are protected by a vast, thick jungle. Adding to
that is the ever-changing face of the “Colombian” drug-trafficker that has police and military forces scrambling to
keep up.

Inside Mexico's Drugs War
Since the Mexican government openly declared war on drug cartels in 2007, some regions in the country have become
more dangerous than Baghdad. Step Inside Mexico’s Drugs War for a frightening look at what they are up against,
including police corruption and execution-style killings. Are hidden cameras in police stations and military power
enough to end this war?


Product Features

Featuring two complete films: War on Cocaine and Inside Mexico’s Drugs War
Startling footage of police corruption in Mexico
Go into the Colombian jungle in search of drug operations
Hear from former drug traffickers and see what they’ll do to smuggle drugs
Visit one of Mexico’s most dangerous cities, Cuidad Juárez
Follow a Mexican journalist as he photographs victims of the drug war

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